Generate a 3d image with any of your pictures. Try, be amazed, be inspired.

I am an enthusiast in AI field. Just looking for intresting things and learning along the way. I was looking at Two Minutes Paper’s video and found this topic interesting to explore. I couldn’t resist trying it on my own image. So if you are here to convert your still image into 3D photo with this AI. I hope this article satisfies that hunger of yours.

At the final you will be able to:

  • Create an awesome 3D image from your still image

Libraries to make you a better developer.

Javascript libraries that can make development smoother and life better. Here is a curated list of javascript libraries that can be of help.


This is one of the best libraries you will use. It is a block styled editor that gives you output in JSON.


The HTML5 Creation Engine: Create beautiful digital content with the fastest, most flexible 2D WebGL renderer.

PixiJS is an engine to create beautiful web content with a fast WebGL renderer. Browse through the example or created with a section to get more about PixiJS.


Next to GSAP AnimeJS…

Making professional-looking product searches in a WordPress woocommerce website.

WordPress is the most used content management system all over the world. Its simple and learning curve is relatively easy mostly because you’ll be working on a black box that you don’t know how it works totally but definitely works for you. And community support and history of WordPress boosts your knowledge and deeper understanding as you drive in its development. It comes with a lot of plugins it is estimated to have more than 55,000 plugins right now by wpbeginner.

Among those plugins, WooCommerce is one. Used for making your site eCommerce ready.

WooCommerce makes your website eCommerce site…

Learn how to think and you are halfway there.

Most of the people use these terms, parameters, and arguments interchangeably. No one will laugh at you because you said parameter instead of argument or vice-versa. But it doesn't mean you should do it. It might be wise to use the correct term correctly.

Coding is a craftmanship, know your tools better. It will make you better developer.

Let's look at them with examples.

Simple example

10 steps for setting a basic configuration of the JavaScript ES6 development environment with Webpack, Babel.

Step 1

Create a folder you want to introduce the development environment to and then run

npm init

This will create a package.json file within your folder. This will define it as a nodejs project. Complete all the questions asked or you can use

npm init -y 

to create default package.json (shown below)

Pretty amazed by the idea of static sites back in business so explored JAMstack a little deeper and found good results

Think about all the time spent on team building and managing. Deploying complex servers to make your site secure and fast is all it has been from the start of web development. Developers are always searching for new solutions for their work. So, JAMstack was born out of necessity to make things simpler yet productive, distributed, and connected to powerful APIs. And various solutions are popping up.

Modern-day problems require modern-day solutions.

The Front-end developers mostly working around Javascript must know backend languages like Python, PHP, Ruby & Rails, or even simpler content management systems like Drupal and WordPress to…

Wicked story of advertisement and how they follow you on the internet.

Well, we all have been there. There means, in a place where you see ads of things you talked about. You talk about dog foods with your family in your home. After finishing talking you start using a laptop and then BOOM you see ads related to dog foods.

Likewise, when you visited any site, for example, you are searching for a ring for your wedding. You search it on a retailer’s site. And next time you visit other blogs, sites or you are in any internet corner that serves ads. You will start to see ring ads everywhere.


Basic understanding of a simple multi-step react form

If you think it structurally anything in the world is not that difficult as you think it to be. It is difficult until you know. Forms in web development are fundamental parts and their knowledge will contribute to you a better developer. We will look at the flow of the form and try to understand form from it.

Here we are in with a react app sandbox. And then react-hooks-helper dependency added to the sandbox. React hooks were introduced in React 16.8 and our sandbox is at 16.12.0 so we have to use it.

Step 1

When we create a react…

Fundamentals of modern JS that made it the best.

Being a JavaScript developer is not an easy task. Its a battle. A study that never ends. Yet we choose the pain. There are abundant tutorials and gurus to learn it. But the best way to learn is self-motivation. Your sheer commitment to learning.

Big talks aside let’s start why you are here for.

How to stop ‘const’ from mutation?

The const keyword in ES6 is a read-only value. It cannot be changed. But are you sure? Open up your console and do the following:

const val = [1, 2, 3];
// val gives [1,2,3]
const val = [2, 3, 4];
// gives error
val[0] =…

Things you need to know about Object in JavaScript in 3 minutes.

An object in JavaScript is a collection of related data or functions that consists of various data types which are also known as properties and methods when contained within an object.

Objects are one of the most important parts of the JavaScript ecosystem. The learning curve of JavaScript objects can go really deep real quick so understanding its basics it is very important.

There are 7 data types in JavaScript. 6 of which are primitive data types because they contain only a single thing(string or number or anything).

Creating an Object

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