Australian Bush Fire is making history without anyone noticing

Its time to take a step.

Australia has made history with the largest bush fire in history covering 15,000,000 acres of land with more than 2500 houses, millions of wildlife dead and several other casualties. It started in November and the worst part is it is still going on and numbers are increasing daily. Australia is literally on fire. Temperature is increasing and it's getting serious and destruction it is causing is nowhere to stop. It's about 40 degrees in the evening at 7 PM while I’m writing this article and what else should I say.

There were thick ashes floating through the air in Sydney, red hot sun and the smoky environment when the bush fire started. 2 months of bush fire had made people homeless, people are carrying out whatever they can hold and running for their lives. NSW Government declared a state of emergency in 2019 December.

Recently Amazon forest was on fire and now this. Globalization and Ozone layer depletion is said to change the climate and effects are being seen from time to time.

Thailand has a monsoon flood in 2011 that strongly affected the country’s high technology field. We all know the price of harddrive increased drastically after the incident. Philippines was affected in 2013 with Typhoon Haiyan that destroyed a large share of coconut production which is commonly used in food production worldwide. Similarly, China, Pakistan, Japan, Nepal, Chile, Haiti, Indonesia, Peru had extreme casualties because of the deadliest earthquake.

New Year for Australian was greeted with the red sky. The picture above is not an Instagram effect, It’s real. It's like a ripple effect of climate change is already began and Australia is its current victim. Million’s of animals are dead and the image below breaks my heart.

The sad thing is no one is talking about Australia’s bush fire though it has a larger size than Amazon forest fire which was about 2,240,000 acres in size which is still increasing its impact. The world stood up for Amazon Fire, now its Australia they should be standing for. #prayforAustralia

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