Creative and Useful Javascript libraries

Libraries to make you a better developer.

Javascript libraries that can make development smoother and life better. Here is a curated list of javascript libraries that can be of help.


This is one of the best libraries you will use. It is a block styled editor that gives you output in JSON.


The HTML5 Creation Engine: Create beautiful digital content with the fastest, most flexible 2D WebGL renderer.

PixiJS is an engine to create beautiful web content with a fast WebGL renderer. Browse through the example or created with a section to get more about PixiJS.


Next to GSAP AnimeJS provides wide support for animations in web applications. It is really powerful and easy to use.


Tooltips and popovers? Popper is the solution. It is lightweight and handy.


If your web app is playing with gradient then you are going to need it. GranimJS is made for gradient animations.


It makes your life easy when you have multiple styles on fixed elements.


Dependency free ES6 slider and carousel. It is small and effective.


When creating a menu you can use pushbar.js to slide drawer from every corner on a web page. Check out for more.


Scroll library in javascript. Its simple, light, and very handy when you need custom beautiful scrolls in you web applications.


It is a javascript plugin that helps to create a responsive menu easily. It is written in pure vanilla javascript so there is no worrying about dependency.


You might know this because it is one very popular library that creates magic for your scrolls. Check it out for more.

These were the libraries I could think of for right now. Will update it for sure. If you have any library you found to be cool. Please drop some suggestions and I’ll update it. Thank you for reading. Cheers.

I design, develop web systems, components and write about them.

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