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  • Search Engine Optimization(SEM & SEO): In SEM and SEO linking links, targeting keywords, meta descriptions and high level content are used as base. SEM is a paid strategy while SEO is organic.
  • Social Media Advertisement: Social Media advertisement hyped up from $166 Billion to $31 Billion in just 2 years. They are organic and paid through promoted posts, sponsored stories etc.
  • Native Advertisement: Selling own products in own blogs. Like Facebook post saying “other recommended settings” or “other people liked”
  • Pay-Per-Click: advertiser only pays for when a user clicks on them. Lets assume if 100 people viewed ads and only 1 clicked then the cost of ad revolves solely around the one who clicked.
  • Re-marketing: This is cookie based technology that literally follows the user around the internet, in order to re-market him/her again. Stats says 2% web traffic converts on first visit while 98% leaves without converting.
  • Video Ads: Video is estimated to have highest click through rate. They are very useful for converting customers. Youtube is a good example of it.
  • Affiliate Marketing: It is a commission system. You sell and you earn certain percentage on the item sold. There is usually third party party agreement of advertiser, publisher and consumer. It is mostly used by bloggers.

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