Download images or videos from Instagram in your laptop within 2 minutes

Easy and hasslefree process.

If you are a developer you know what I’m going to talk about. But if you are not a technical person you might want to stick. It is just for information purposes please keep in mind you are downloading someone’s work or someone’s dream it is just a way and not meant to be used in the wrong way.

It might be an image or a video for you but for a creator its sweat and blood.

Let’s start. Open up your Instagram on your favorite browser(I’m using Chrome) and then the image you want to download. Then you will have to right-click where ever you want on your browser and press click “Inspect” or “Inspect Element”. I would recommend you to right-click on the picture that you want to download. Like the image below.

After you click an inspect element dialogue box opens up. If you right-clicked other places than the image clicks the Inspect button as circled red in the image below and move the cursor to the image and it will highlight.

Do you see the line of code selected when the image is selected?. Its called div and now as you may have noticed that div doesn't have expand button(triangular button on left). Click the upper div that has a triangular expand button like shown in image below.

When you hover over the link you will see a little preview of the image that is in the link. You can copy the link and open it up in a browser in new windows and save it as you normally save image in your browser.

There are two links so try with a shorter one or try it yourself and find out.

It is easy and fun.

Thanks for staying. Download Responsibly.

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