Why you should thank yourself often

Read it slowly, carefully and let it consume your thoughts.

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Tip: It's a small read so think more and read less while reading.

No one is satisfied with what they have they always want more, they always expect more. Money, love, power. This is not a problem but is basic human nature.

The greediness, the feeling of the more I have the more I will be happy is possibly the closest reason we are not happy.

Better life comes from better thoughts. Better thoughts are the single strongest reason and secret of happiness.

Now give yourself 2 minutes and think of

  • every complaint,
  • every unfinished plan and goal,
  • every dissatisfaction you have right now

Pause here and do it now and continue after doing that. Take your eyes off the screen and think.

Now think of the blessing you’ve ever got. The positive things in life.

Those beautiful moments you’ve lived and the life you see ahead full of possibilities and opportunities. Where you think everything will fall into place.

Thank yourself for doing everything you’ve done and promise yourself you’ll do better. The more complaints you have the more strength you need to thank.

If you feel the positivity running through you, this is why remember to thank yourself more often.

Smile :)

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