How deep is money in our lives?

Writing about its crippling power and the things I learned about money this year.

We are humans. Civilized wild animals. We call ourselves intelligent, smart and way ahead of wild animals. Yet we are destroying rain forests, we are the ones polluting the environment and space and we are the ones who are harming nature in may other ways. The crux of it as I can think of is The Hunger for Money.

“The crippling power of money.”

I have been noticing lately the kindness, gratitude, and love are only things we learn but not implement practically. Kids mostly are taught the importance and value of money but not the value of respect, the value of being a good human being. Most arrogance and selfishness nature comes at a young age. If a kid runs after money from teenage it is certain to have a society full of creepers of money. It is important to learn about money and finance but being a good person is as much important as money.

As we grow the world feels cruel. People grow into the person who she/he is raised in. Its rarely I see young humble and loving only old people are the only ones who are kind. I don’t know we should blame the age factor or money or society for it.

Money plays a huge role in life. As you grow you’ll understand how important it is and how deep its influence in our life. The moment you know the value of it people start to change, change into a good one or a bad one.

Thinking plain, what do we have to be greedy about. What do we have to lose? Even the golden cascade turns into ashes with time. There is only one life and this is wasted with heartlessness. Loving, caring for known or unknown, thinking that life is a blessing and we should celebrate it with joy and happiness is something we lack.

We cannot pretend the society is going the right way. Measuring success with money and saying life is good, these are things we should avoid. One random act of kindness makes your and other’s day worthwhile.

I have seen people making others do things that are unethical. I have heard stories and read some. It is not easy to find a person whose motive was not money.

Money is the backbone of human civilization. Think of it this way. Those tall building, those beautiful clean cafeteria, those shining floor of bathroom floor, those perfectly looking selves of a store in shopping, All of them are way they are because behind the hood there was someone passing money to other which gave them food on the table, gave their children education or gave them hope to earn more in the future. The driver of the circle of life is money and we are its passenger. The one who earns more can break this circle and this race is fierce. So fierce that people forget who they are and their time is limited, they forget that they should share, care and love. This is the crippling power of money that can bring a knight to his knees.

Going deeper

Money solves the problem. Its something we always think. It sucks being poor we all know that. So for most of us, it is an important part of our life. For some, it is an abundance from birth.

People without money need money to pay off their rent, buy things, go on a vacation if you have enough your priorities will be finding happiness, finding peace, balance in life. There is no one on this planet without problems, who says this is enough for me. There is always something more they want. Always.

It's not you or my problem it's our problem. It has caused great wars, killed the number of a million people, destroyed forests, melted ice in the North Pole, made people sell their organs, trade their body for sex, and let's stop there. It has done many things directly or indirectly.

It is scary how much depth it has got into our lives. It is nowhere to stop now or in the future.

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I design, develop web components and systems and write about them.

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