How to escape thinking too much

One simple mantra. Thanks to awesome writers in Medium.

We have a new decade here. Let us promise ourselves never to bow down to our old habits and submit to them. Let's start doing what we love. It's a great question to ask yourself

“What do I love to do?”

Though its simple, its answer is vast. Especially when your mind runs to every possible place like mine. As I scroll through Instagram I see people posting arts and then I get lost into thought if I could make an Instagram page about art. Maybe I could draw more and enhance my artistic skills and get to a good place. Next day same thing with music. Maybe I can write lyrics every day and practice music and be a musician. The next day I find myself lost in medium reading articles after articles and wanting to become more of a writer than anything else. I don’t get myself. I have lost many years finding the passion, the thing I love to do, the thing that I will never get bored of. But in reality, I can’t. Recently I have realized that overthinking doesn't matter. Putting ourselves out there is what matters. Overthinking about everything from making money to creating art I came to realize the only thing that matters is to start. And I’ve started writing. Not thinking about anything at all. Just trusting the process, I’ve started writing.

You might get amazed by how many drafts I’ve in my medium. They are there sitting in drafts, I can’t delete because it took me time to write those and I can’t publish because they are incomplete. I have a goal to finish them all and publish no matter how bad they are.

I don’t know where the road of writing takes me but I know it will be a good place.

If you are puzzled and don’t know where to start my suggestion is JUST DO IT. Don’t get stuck with your head. You will never get clear where you want to go until you start your journey. I have been stuck for a long time and trust me the only thing you are going to get is regret. When I look back now only I can think is I could have started earlier. It not regret but it's a resolution that I won’t repeat the mistake again.

I would write more about 10 things you can do to inspire yourself or 7 things you should try to get what you want or more elaborative form of writing that would catch your attention for a while but there is only one thing I want to share today so that you could remember easily.

It is also one thing that I’ve learned from reading from awesome writers in Medium is that you don’t have to be a professional to start you just have to be you.

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