7 Ways to write better in medium

Ways to make your readers interested in your writing.

Just because you spent hours writing your stuff does not mean readers will be interested. It all depends on your way of writing, how you persuade your readers and make them engaged. There is no certain rule or limit of words that can be set to measure good content where readers get involved up until the end but you can certainly try.

Give your all in and try your best. Then fail and repeat.

I am not here with a secret sauce for the rapid growth of your writing but I am here to help you to grow better with some suggestions that can help you out when you write. As I am doing the same, trying my best, learning the best I can.

1. Compelling Headings and Sub-headings

If you are new on medium or you’ve started writing on your blog or anywhere else. One thing that is most helpful is compelling headings and sub-headings. If you know this its good to remind yourself and be aware every time.

Pay close attention and analyse the best performing articles and how are they written.

Think of yourself as a reader. And think if you were scrolling would you read the article if it pops up in home screen while browsing. Try editing your heading, try it once, try it twice and try 50 more times until you are convinced. It will improve your ability to think creatively and constructively.

2. Remembering the purpose of writing

Often people tend to change writing track and go off-topic when the wind of thought comes heavily on their mind. There is a purpose reader is reading your post so readers search for value in every sentence so which is why as a writer you should try to create value for your readers.

Repeat questioning yourself after you write a few sentences. If your writing is withing the purpose that heading serves or not. Don’t hesitate to delete and rewrite because the more you do this the more you will get experience and get better at writing.

3. Highlight important contents

Most of the readers just scan through the writing so figure out if a post is worth reading or not. When a heading is too catchy people tend to read it instantly if not they go through it. So when you highlight an important part of your writing with bold or style them differently it might catch the passersby attention and compel them to read.

To make people focus on writing you can use quotes, use drop caps, use bold fonts, and separate them in multiple lines.

4. Use bullet and lists wisely

Just because you read, writing things in bullets or lists can make people read your content. It is not a hard and fast rule. It's just a theory like all other theories. Use them wisely and place them when needed.

The most popular content in a blog is a list. It's better if its a list of numbers related to any field. It is a good idea to use bullet and lists wisely. It is easy to go through and they are specific to what you need without any bullshits and fillers. And try not to over them too.

5. Proofread your content

After you finish your writing it is a better idea to look into it again. Check grammatical errors, check if paragraphs are too long or too short, check if you are repeating yourself or not. If it is possible to ask someone, ask them to go through your writing once because when you are writing, it may make sense to you but as readers, the perspective of what you want to convey through writing may sound different. Using tools like Grammarly can be beneficial but you have to check if it is working like it should be or not.

Read your paper backward, sentence by sentence, as a final proofreading step. This technique isolates each sentence and makes it easier to spot errors you may have overlooked in previous readings.
Claire B. May Gordon S. May

I really liked how this quote describes the proofreading process. I have been doing it maybe it would help you too.

6. Add a suitable image

Adding an image is one of the crucial parts of writing. Visual representation is an effective way of interacting with your audience. Your image also says a lot about your writing. Use images from free sources like unsplash.com, pixabay.com, freeimages.com and when you use from different always give a proper reference.

Giving out useful information to your audience with a catchy image is something that can make your post go viral.

7. Build up your audience

Building up your audience is one key factor in your success. Writing a good article that can attract people to read is a difficult job itself and making them return for your work is more than difficult. It may be difficult but its results are worth a while. Making people come back for more, making people interested in your writing is something you’d like.

No matter which platform you use you can take advantage of that platform with a mass of people you have.


To wrap it up, everyone has their own style. Try to look at other people’s way of writing and try to improve one at a time. I’ve listed things that I thought were important. I hope they help you too.

Write more think less, and don’t stop.

Make your mistakes earlier so that you can improve yourself on them fast. And most important of all write something that gives value for readers, writes a post that you’d see and topic you’d read.

Thank you for reading. Follow me on twitter.

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