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Explaining programmer's terms like API, Headless CMS, Serverless, Industry 4.0, IoT… as simple as possible.

Nothing is hard as it seems. And nothing is as easy as it sounds. Especially in computer science. Whatever may be the case, all you can do is start. Start to educate yourself. Lay the foundation for your better understanding. It might not be the best but I’ve tried to simplify my words as much as possible.

API (Application Programming Interface)

Assume you have a friend who is an Apple product freak. He knows everything about any Apple product ever. You don’t know anything about his source but he is always correct. One day someone asks you about questions about Apple products and you go and ask him “When did iPhone got released? ” or “Which is the best Apple product of this year?”. And you use that answer/information to answer the person that asked you the question or write it down for future reference or use it any other way.

API here is you passing information between people. Of Course its a computer science-related term “API” you can’t be called that. I know. It's just to clear the concept.

It just passes any information that your system requests from a remote server to the client(which is your system).

Headless Content Management System

Headless Content Management or Headless CMS is not a new term. Its just old term in its golden year. In any web development project, Head is the front end, the body is the backend part. When you cut head(the front end) and build backend independent of it, that backend is called Headless CMS.

Wordpress, Django any backend framework you want, they were interconnected to the front end so scaling would be a huge problem in the past. But now backends are consumed by front end via APIs so it is not a problem what the front end or backend technology you choose.

It is very useful for IoT devices and the future that is predicted to have more of those devices.

Examples: Mura, Strapi, Cockpit CMS, and so on.


Serverless means completely no server in the development process. There is a server involved but it's just it is not yours. I mean you won’t have a server that you should manage. Don’t go with the name, don’t get confused. It will be on the cloud and maybe the servers are in smaller chunks of code. Every time you use backend development frameworks like Wordpress, Drupal, Django, etc you will have to deal with all those server management things that are reduced by this concept.

The serverless could be sitting between your front end and your database with API doing what they do or they could be running individual functions running your tasks.

Example: Amazon Lamda, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Function, IBM Cloud

Big Data

You know data. Now imagine that data booming. Booming so high that traditional software struggles to analyze it because of its large size, those unfiltered and raw. With billions of data releasing each year it is no surprise data has gone big. And thus the term Big Data comes into play to sound fancy.

Big data are just data sitting there taking so much space on someone’s hard-drive. If it is analyzed properly and used in the right way it can be very useful but for others. It can help companies understand, learn, take decisions when properly filtered and used creatively.

Fun fact: Did you know Netflix uses tailored thumbnails for the same show for different users?

This is because of the Big Data they have on their users. More clicks mean more engagements by users.


Analyzing Big Data helps companies find problems and their causes. And then help them to find solutions for the problems. This is called Actionable Analytics, and analytics that helps to take decisions, as you may have noticed, is data-driven. It means taking decisions with data.

In a company, actionable analytics applied through a data-driven approach can answer difficult questions like why products are not being sold and how can they increase sales. This can help the company grow with customers and thus can provide services based on user interest.

Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 is considered a new revolution in the manufacturing industry caused by automation, and data sharing. The goal of Industry is creating smart factories. Minimum humans, more machines that will increase profit and decrease errors.

Its a revolution everyone is scared of especially with advance artificial intelligence and robot that is giving positive promising results after so many years.

Alibaba has an autonomous warehouse where humans are replaced by robots to move goods and take it to human workers, Amazon Go is an autonomous store with no register to pay, Pick and go and people are auto-charged. It means revolutions have started it just a matter of time for them to be matured enough for the market.

Internet of Things(IoT)

Everything that is connected to the internet that shares data and can be controlled wirelessly from a distance, they are called the Internet of Things or IoT devices.

It may be your mobile phone, Google Home, Alexa, Smart lights, and so on. IoT is somehow some sci-fi movie that comes true. The data collected from them are one of the reasons data consumptions are increasing drastically in recent years.


Blockchain is nothing but a database that is distributed. It caught its momentum when cryptocurrency was introduced back in 2010. It is the database every cryptocurrency up until now. It is growing in popularity for a few years now. It is considered as a disruptive development and has a promising future as well.

It is a concept that lies in sharing every piece of information who are connected to the network. And when new data is fetched every node in the system has to verify and update the data.

It is a highly secure, transparent technology up to date.

I hope you got some value from the post.

Thank you for reading. Cheers.

I design, develop web systems, components and write about them.

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