Be a better person by improving these non-technical skills

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99% times people are helpful in nature. If you give a smile they will reply with a smile. If you raise your hand for help in reply they will help. If you try to communicate and connect people will do the same. Communication is the base of humanity. It is an obvious yet ignored skill. Introverts are shy when it comes to communication they are the one who need to develop this skill the most. The more you open yourself to others the more you will gain experience.

Be Curios

Curiosity leads to many things. Wright brothers were curious if humans could fly so airplanes became possible, Thomas Edison was curious to make light in the dark with electricity so light bulbs were possible. There are thousands of reasons why things are how they are because someone somewhere was curious about it. Being curious makes you learn things and make you more skillful anywhere.

Discipline empathy

You need to be consistent and disciplined. While carrying out any work, decision or anything, think of things if others are harmed or not by your actions and choosing the minimal damage option is important. Empathy teaches you this. You need to discipline yourself to work on empathy for the betterment of your personal growth. So that you can be productive, learn things and be loved at the same time.

Open to new experiences

Saying yes to new opportunities is a good way to open yourself. Willing to take risks, trying new techniques, experimenting with new methods can lead you to a new place. A place of improvement or innovation. Industries today are moving very fast and being open for new things may welcome you to many different opportunities in the future.


Creativity lies within every human being as well. It is non-technical characteristics that need to be nurtured. You can be creative around your work by trying new styles of doing things, organizing things in your workplace or keeping yourself motivated.

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