The moment of realization

Chitru Shrestha
2 min readJun 7, 2021

Knowing answer to the question you’ve been stuck is liberating

Life is different for everyone. Someone experience massive joy, someone experience massive failure, someone might be happy while someone might be sad. Whatever you feel doesn’t last forever. It's a good thing depending on the person. A happy person might want his happy moment to last forever and a sad one might want to end it soon.

We are stuck in this life, this moment whatever we feel. We all get stuck in something at some point. Feeling trapped and seeing no further path. It feels like it's the end. But then when you are diverted with another task that moment comes, that EUREKA moment, that moment when “Ohhhh shittt” comes out of your mind because you realized you found something that works. That unfucks you from the burden you had for long.

That is the moment of realization.

Those moments are a bridge between you and you fighting mediocrity. A level up for you.

Working hard on something needs a different level of you. A different version of self. Repeating the same old routines and expecting different results is something we all do. Our mind tells us, it's not the right thing to do but old habits die hard. The amount of willpower that needs to move your lazybones is so maximum that you are not able to produce. It's difficult. In order to succeed you need that moment of realization at a constant rate. Once in a blue moon is not enough. The more moments you realize, the better you get at something.