Things worth fighting for in life 👏

Small talk on motivation and persuasion of passion. About creating a life that you want.

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We all have been there and maybe you are in it right now. It's easy to lose your focus easily. You want to do good in life, follow your passion and make a living out of it. But the only thing between you and your life goal is your laziness, your thoughts sayings you can’t do it, your times you spent uselessly.

Think about all the times you spent looking news feed on social media, the times you spent uselessly browsing the internet, the time you went clubbing and chilling, all the times you could have utilized for productivity. Those times usually take up a huge amount of time as unproductive hours.

Have you ever searched about how to get motivated? or How to be persistence at things? How to be productive? or anything related to personal development. You can see thousands of posts related to that just picking one and following is not something we do without a thought. We search and search and go through thinking this might be the one., the one that gives you the motivation for your new project that you’d like to do. But after hours of searching, you come through many other interesting things and you lose yourself on the internet. Next thing you know you are watching cat videos and laughing forgetting what you came for.

And bad part is this vicious cycle repeats.

Break the wheel. Realization and moving forward is the way of creating a life you want.

Procrastination is a huge barrier for goals. It's like a goalkeeper that stops every shot you take. You see your goals but your shots are useless because there is someone standing on your way. Every time you think like not doing a thing you should be doing. Think to yourself.

Think about procrastination as a luxury you can’t afford.

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Keep this quote the back of your head and you can repeat for a couple of times more so that it is stuck in your head. Talk out loud so that you can remember it now.

Maybe you want to make your hobby a full-time job, maybe you want to draw something that you like, maybe you want to earn money, maybe you want to go to the moon, no matter what you want you can achieve them. The only barrier between you and your dream is your inner voice saying you can’t or you have no chance in the world to do so. But the good thing is you always can first you have to believe in yourself first.

Have you ever heard or thought that one person became successful because someone else did hard work for that person? If No why are you waiting? You have to start now and start with strong determination.

Always remember what is worth fighting for.

It's not hard to do things, it's hard to start. We wait for the persuasion we need. We watch motivational videos, we say we will surely start from tomorrow then we stop. During the process of getting motivated, we lose ourselves in the ways and fall back to old habits of not doing things. That is the habit you wanted to escape in the first place. So the first thing you can do is to get up and decide to do work today and rest later.

The first step for your successful career is to show up. First, you show up, then you start. After this habit starts to create a ripple of effect, a positive one.

Do it regularly, Show up regularly

No matter what the odds are you have to do it. Do it for a small amount of time as a minimum of 2 min or more. Thinking is not enough moving your hands for it is what you should do.

Think about the ways you can do it not the ways you can postpone. Think and act as fast as you can. Always have a positive goal in mind

Showing up every day is a hard job. But is harder to convince yourself on why you are doing this for as time goes by. It is why people often say follow your passion so that work doesn’t look like work. Having a clear vision of what I am doing this for that can help to be motivated and convinced in your art.

Don’t give up

Just because no one sees your work doesn’t mean you can skip your habit.

The most beautiful flower you see is often born from unusual circumstances.

It is something you are doing for yourself. It is something you wanted and this is for your long term goal so giving up should not be an option.

Thank you for reading.

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